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Facial Treatments

Why get a Facial?

Facials are the first step to healthy glowing clear skin. Through a combination of deep cleansing, exfoliation, creams and masks, facials will improve the condition of the skin and provide outstanding instant and long term results.

Facials comprise a range of skin care routines, including; steaming, exfoliating, extracting, masking, massaging, and moisturising. When you book a facial appointment with our salon in Durham, our beauty therapists will discuss your skin type, along with any skin care concerns you have, and any specific requests that you wish to address with your facial treatment. You may choose a facial that improves a skin condition, or a routine that promotes anti-ageing. All of our moisturising beauty creams can be used on sensitive skin and benefit a range of skin types including, dry, oily, combination or normal.

We will help you to establish the best skin care plan, fully tailored for you, using the most appropriate products for your skin. As we all age, our skincare regimes should adapt to incorporate changes, and this calls for more frequent facials. Regular facials work well to preserve a youthful appearance and clear up acne-prone skin.

Step into our salon at Chester le street, or Durham, for facials that cover the full range of skin types and conditions. Once you decide what your skincare goals are, we’ll be able to establish how frequent your new schedule for facials should be. For instance, you may need to schedule facials more often if your skin is oily, or acne prone, and skin with clogged pores, blackheads and acne will likely require monthly treatment. Typically our client’s schedule a facial every three to four weeks. After three or four weeks your skin cells grow back, and facials aid this process, ensuring you have glowing and radiant skin.


  • Deluxe Facial - £30 includes double cleanse, tone, moisturise, mask with warm towels with eye treatment - 45 mins
  • Deep Cleansing Deluxe Facial - £35 includes double cleanse using our facial steamer, tone, moisturise, mask with warm towels with eye treatment - 50 mins
  • Mini Facial - £25 includes cleanse, tone, moisurise with eye treatment - 20 mins