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Sculpted Gel Nails

A hard builder gel is a substance used for artificial nail manicures. It’s created by sculpting the desired shape and length, which is then cured under an led lamp. When applied by nail technicians in this flexible form, they can sculpt it to cover the entire nail. It then becomes harder the longer it is exposed to sunlight. Sculpted gel nails will grow out naturally with your nails over time. They typically last up to 5 – 6 weeks with an infill in between. Infills are necessary, as your natural nail will obviously grow and the infill procedure will complement your nails extra length.

If you’re looking for lovely new nails then it's time to pay us a visit at our salon in Durham and have your nails fixed and filled in. We offer both nail manicure and pedicure services that complete the nail spa experience. These services go a long way in helping you maintain a clean and polished look. We take great care in using proper exfoliation techniques and applying the right treatment creams for maximum benefit.

Gel Nails

Great nails can provide women with great confidence. With the latest technology of gel nail polish, there’s no reason to hide those damaged, broken or bitten nails.

Are you looking for nails that match your favourite celebrity?  – Gel nails can last for up to 2-3 weeks with no chipping and will protect your natural nail in the process. Head over to our Durham salon and get your gel nails looking refreshed and sparkling. When you want to get your nails looking fabulous for that special event, or to look sharp in the office, just walk into our salon at Chester le street. So, whether you want a timeless, elegant look, or an eye-catching, sassy vibe, we have the colours and the quality products to compliment your skin tone and match your taste.

Hygiene is a priority for us, so you can be assured that we meticulously sterilise and disinfect our equipment after each session, following all safety and hygiene protocols.


  • Gel manicure - £20
  • Gel pedicure - £20
  • Gel fingers & Toes - £35
  • Soak off - £6
  • Hard gel over natural nails including colour or clear - £35
  • Sculpted hard gel nail extensions including colour or clear - £40
  • Hard gel infills - £30
  • Hard gel removal - £15
  • Repairs - £3.50
  • Nail art - from 50p