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The power of the professional massage

A massage can be a truly transformative experience, unwinding and de-stressing. When you receive a massage it activates the nervous system, awakening muscles and the glands that circulate blood and lymph fluids. The process encourages cells to generate and release chemicals and hormones. After a high quality message session you’ll be feeling on cloud nine, as massage therapy releases endorphins into the body, making you feel happy and at ease.

 The benefits of massage are endless, from relieving stress and anxiety, managing pain, headaches, depression to improving blood pressure, sleep patterns and relaxation.

At Vibrant Hair and Beauty, in Chester Le Street, we offer a variety of massages including hot stones, aromatherapy, deep tissue and facials.

Drop in to see us at our Durham salon for a consultation session with one of our therapists, and you can choose a massage that suits you best. Your therapist will then have an understanding of the areas that you’d like to focus on during your session. All of our massages are complimented with an aromatherapy oil of your choice. We have a very experienced massage therapist that can cater for all of your massage therapy needs.

A massage session is a perfect remedy for issues such as lower back pain and stiffness, releasing toxins, and improving overall flexibility. By stimulating the soft tissues in your body during a deep tissue massage, your body will begin to release toxins through the blood and lymphatic systems.

If you’re after a hot stone massage therapy in Durham, then pop along to our salon. We can help ease and relax those tense muscles, allowing your body to achieve a full range of movement. A massage will also enable the body to renew itself and help reverse the effects of stress.

Our Massage therapies in our Chester le street salon, are well known for loosening muscles and tendons, inducing enhanced blood flow throughout the body. Improving your blood circulation through massage therapy can help to lower fatigue and manage pain more effectively. A good massage also helps promote good quality sleep, after the muscles are relaxed and any tension has been relieved.


  • Full body massage £35
  • Back massage £25
  • Full body hot Stone massage £38
  • Back hot stone massage £28